RipTeq 225mg (Testo-P + Masteron-P + Trenbolone-A) BioTeq Labs


RipTeq 225mg cutting steroid blend consisting of: Drostanolone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate.



Drostanolone Propionate acts naturally in the body as a mild testosterone, with a few differences. Drostanolone is not aromatized and does not tend to cause any sequelae, if observed in moderate dosage. Remarkably, women and newcomers can take drostanolone.

Trenbolone acetate does not aromatize to estrogen and belongs to a group of potent drugs with high anabolic activity and relatively short duration of action (1-2 days).

Testosterone propionate is an ester of the hormone testosterone. It is on a par with esters such as Cypionate or Enanthate. But unlike other testosterone esters, propionate has unique properties, which other esters do not have.


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