Myogen Test-P / Tren A Lean Mass Gain Pack (10 Weeks)



This pack will bring you:

  • Fat loss without tapping into your muscle volume.
  • A transformation of your fat into muscle.
  • Hard, drawn muscles.
  • A very dry appearance of your skin (appearance of veins.)

Complete pack for 10 weeks of complete treatment.

Frequency of taking steroids (PCT is not included in the Pack)

  • Propiogen Week 1-10: 300mg/ Week (3x100mg)
  • TrenagenRapid 100 Week 1-10: 300mg/week (3x100mg)
  • Femistra : 1 Tab/every 2 days

Dosage table

Weektest-propTren RapidFemistra 1 to 10 300mg per week 300mg per week 1mg every 2 days

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