Acro Trestolone (50mg)


Trestolone is an experimental androgen/anabolic steroid and progestogen drug.


Popularly known as Ment, Trestolone has developed a great reputation over the past couple of years for being a safe and potent steroid. Due to its absence from the market for many years, its limited supply and the lack of high quality steroids in the market, it has gained popularity among steroid users.

Benefits of Trestolone:

    • It improves muscle growth
    • It does not cause estrogen conversion
    • You can stack it with other hormone enhancers to enhance muscle growth
    • Does not bind with SHBG
    • It boosts body strength

For beginners, you should take 50-75mg daily for four weeks in the morning and before bed to ensure optimal gains as well as increased strength levels. For advanced users, 75-100mg per day is fine, but you should follow the following intervals (dosage varies by brand),


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