Liv52 Liverprotection Himalaya 100tabs


Book.52 cleans and protects the liver by neutralizing the effects of poisons and toxins in food, air, water and medicines. This product also has antioxidant properties to maintain healthy liver parenchyma. Book.52 is used by bodybuilders as adetoxifying agent, during the steroid cycle.



Liv-52 is a herbal product, widely used in Europe and Asia to support metabolic and liver health. In some countries, this product is considered a drug and is specifically used to prevent or treat hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, early cirrhosis, protein-energy malnutrition, loss of appetite, radiation and damage liver damage due to chemotherapy or prolonged illness, in addition to hepatotoxic drugs.

Liver health is the primary goal while taking this product. Bodybuilders and athletes use it to counter the negative effects of hepatotoxic anabolic/androgenic steroids on the liver. Numerous studies conducted on this compound in recent years have shown its ability to protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol or other toxins.

A survey has proven that its use can reduce symptoms following excessive alcohol consumption. Another study investigated the mechanism underlying Liv-52's ability to protect the liver against alcohol toxicity, by slowing the rate of glutathione depletion. All of this can be very important for an athlete using anabolic steroids, as glutathione depletion is believed to be a direct marker of liver stress with c-17 alkylated oral steroids.

Note that Liv-52 is a natural herbal product and should not have any noticeable side effects.It is recommended to take it when taking certain oral steroids (including prohormones), as most of these are toxic to the liver.

The indicated dose for Liv-52 is 4 to 8 capsules twice a day. In addition, Liv52 is not only indicated during a course of oral steroids. Some injectables also cause stress on the liver.


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